• Eine STARKE FRAUENgeschichte - 500 Jahre Reformation [Übersetzung ausstehend]

    Special exhibition, Rochlitz Castle

    Realisation: 2014
    Client: Schlösserland Sachsen

    The special exhibition „Eine STARKE FRAUENgeschichte“ (a STRONG WOMEN’s story) aims to illuminate the feminine side of reformation during that particular decade. The historical site of Rochlitz Castle represents the most essential exhibit defining this exhibition and shall be put in the limelight in conjunction with other objects and contents.

    Authentic rooms and the exhibition architecture reinforce each other’s appeal and create a unique, location-bound exposition. The exhibition strives to find new ways to convey the oft complex subject-matter. Exhibits are combined thematically to tell stories. A short cartoon narrates the core message with regard to the objects on display around it. Text legends are not necessary for the general understanding, they serve to add to the information for particularly interested visitors. Room installations, interactive media, graphics and illustrations complete the presentation.