Weesenstein Castle in lights – A haunting under the Christmas tree | 2023 Permanent exhibition, Weesenstein Castle
Discover Thuringia, Altenburg | 2023 Temporary discovery portal next to the Altenburg marketplace
Experience exhibition “The King’s Games” with a ring racing carousel | 2023 Permanent exhibition, Pillnitz Castle
Fakefood. Food between illusion and reality | 2023 Special exhibition, Altes Rathaus Bamberg
400 years of here and now. Jewish life in Schleswig-Holstein | 2023 Dauerausstellung, Jüdisches Museum Rendsburg
The legend of Wartburg Castle – 10 questions for the ideal castle | 2023 Special exhibition, Wartburg Castle Eisenach
Forget-me-not – Museum of (un)discovered memories | 2023 Special exhibition, Hubertusburg Castle
Weesenstein experience | 2023 Permanent exhibition, Weesenstein Castle
The key to life | 2022 Special exhibition, Lipsiusbau Dresden
Spaceship Hubertusburg | 2022 Special exhibition, Hubertusburg Castle
I hate nature | 2021 Special exhibition, Schiller House Weimar
Discover Thuringia, Wartburg | 2021 Temporary discovery portal at the foot of Wartburg Castle
Frederick the Great at Charlottenburg Palace | 2020 Permanent exhibition at Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin
Discover Thuringia, Weimar | 2020 Temporary discovery portal next to the city palace in Weimar
Exhibition design Dommuseum Hochstift Meißen | 2020 Permanent exhibition, Dommuseum Meißen
Exhibition design Böttgersaal | 2020 Permanent exhibition, Porcelain Collection, Zwinger (Dresden)
MachineBoom | 2020 Part of the Saxon State Exhibition, Industriemuseum Chemnitz
Van de Velde, Nietzsche and Modernism around 1900 | 2019 Permanent exhibition, Neues Museum Weimar
Adventures in Reason | 2019 Special exhibition, Schiller Museum Weimar
The world in a nutshell | 2018 Permanent exhibition, Museum Naturalienkabinett Waldenburg
The Prussian Royal House. An introduction to the dynasty. | 2018 Permanent exhibition, Charlottenburg Castle
Bombproof! | 2018 Special exhibition, Weesenstein Castle
Steadfast, Pious and a heavy drinker | 2017 Permanent exhibition, Hartenfels Castle
A castle complex is created | 2017 Permanent exhibition, Charlottenburg Castle
Reformation and freedom | 2017 Special exhibition, HBPG Potsdam
Confess! | 2017 Special exhibition, Nossen Castle
A prince in the Orient | 2017 Special exhibition, Weesenstein Castle
Give away | 2016 Special exhibition, Weesenstein Castle
Katharina Luther Stube | 2017 Permanent Exhibition, Torgau
The Ernestines. A dynasty shapes Europe. | 2016 Thuringian state exhibition, Weimar
CHEERS! 1.000 years of beer in Saxony | 2015 Special exhibition, Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle
Simple and Perfect. Saxony’s Path into the World of International Watchmaking | 2015 Special exhibition Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon
3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella | 2015 Permanent exhibition, Moritzburg Castle
Trial Scene | 2015 Extension permanent exhibition, Nossen Castle
On the wrong side | 2015 Special exhibition, Nossen Castle
Coal, steel and apple juice | 2014 Special exhibition, Nossen Castle
Eine STARKE FRAUENgeschichte - 500 Jahre Reformation [Übersetzung ausstehend] | 2014 Special exhibition, Rochlitz Castle
Gerstäcker Shop for Artmaterials | 2013 Shopdesign, Wien
Aristocracy on tour | 2013 Special Exhibition, Schloss Nossen
Lost history | 2013 Special Exhibition, Sächsischer Landtag Dresden
The Survey of Saxon Law | 2012 Permanent exhibition, Monastery Park Altzella
The stubbornness of ladies | 2012 Special Exhibition, Nossen Castle
England, England - Tea room | 2010 Shopdesign, Dresden
Red Spot | 2009 Furniture Design, Bremen
Gerstäcker Künstlerfachmarkt | 2009 Shopdesign, Bremen
Gerstäcker Künstlerfachmarkt | 2007 Shopdesign, Dresden