• Simple and Perfect. Saxony’s Path into the World of International Watchmaking

    Special exhibition Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon

    Realisation: 2015
    Client: Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden

    From the pendulum clock to the modern pocket watch. The endeavours to accomplish precision and the chronographs designed therefore constitute the focus of the exhibition for the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden.

    The technical details that make up progress are oftentimes difficult to detect. Graphics based on the sketches and plans of the major clockmakers Seyffert, Gutkaes or Lange facilitate comparing the exhibits. They draw attention to some of the groundbreaking achievements of these clockmakers. Wherever illustrations aren’t sufficient, animations and interactive visualisations illuminate features of the exhibits and their principles of operation. Colour codes help link the personal motivations of the protagonists presented and the mechanical achievements.