• Fakefood. Food between illusion and reality

    Special exhibition, Altes Rathaus Bamberg

    Realisation: 2023
    Client: Museen der Stadt Bamberg

    Is that “real”? The exhibition “fakefood” explores this question and compares the deceptively real meals made from porcelain and faience from the Ludwig Collection with today's fake food. A colorful mix of media around all the topics of (fake) food.

    Here you can find influencer videos about superfoods alongside original soundbites about menu planning in other cultures, the no-gos at the table or what to abstain from during Lent. You can also give it a taste and experience it for yourself: different flavors despite identical appearances. And anyone who has always wanted to know how the high-quality porcelain of the 17th century was actually used, will be transported to a magnificently decorated banquet table via virtual reality. Here you get to know your table companions and learn the correct etiquette. You can influence the conversations at the table and learn one or two juicy details of the times. Or is it all just gossip? 

    Whatever the case, without it, it would taste only half as good.