• MachineBoom

    Part of the Saxon State Exhibition, Industriemuseum Chemnitz

    Realisation: 2020
    Client: Saxon Museum of Industry, Chemnizt

    The Saxon State Exhibition "Boom." in Chemnitz is continued with the "MachineBoom." exhibition. Here not only the question of what exactly a machine is is answered, but also its development - and above all its influence on society and everyday life is shown. From industry 1.0 to 5.0, the objects shown are combined in five large-format animated films to form a "story of progress" and social upheaval. A digital library makes it possible to research each item on display individually. The centre of the exhibition is the future-workshop. Here, prototypes and new technologies are not only presented, but can also be tried out by visitors. Whether each technological advancement is desirable can be discussed in the epilogue.