• CHEERS! 1.000 years of beer in Saxony

    Special exhibition, Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle

    Realisation: 2015
    Client: Schlösserland Sachsen

    Beer crates in place of exhibition walls. An old brew kettle instead of a display, and wobbly beer bellies instead of charts and text. The design as special as the topic: 1.000 years of beer in Saxony. 57 crown caps for 57 breweries. A beer bottle of 3m height symbolising the German purity law and a cooper explaining the tools surrounding him on a big screen: enchantments for visitors in every room. All primary materials making up beer are available to touch, smell and taste. A wall built from 50 drinking vessels link to new subjects by change of lighting, and musical instruments raise sweeping bacchanalian songs when touched: Interaction and ease of access for all contents. And all of this in an atmosphere of a tavern and beer garden. You can’t get any more authentic.