• The Ernestines. A dynasty shapes Europe.

    Thuringian state exhibition, Weimar

    Realisation: 2016
    Client: Klassik Stiftung Weimar

    400 years of Ernestine history, recounted in 20 stories. Visitors may individually choose, according to their interests, which stories they find most appealing and which stories they would rather skip in light of the size of the exhibition. Omitting stories will not affect the overall experience, however.
    To ensure this, a new concept has been designed specifically for the exhibition, well-matched to the architecture and the arrangement of the rooms. The stories are introduced by small prologue showrooms, where – making use of the whole room and multimedia – the historical context, the atmosphere of the epoch and the most notable events are conveyed. These anterooms serve as incentive for the stories that follow and communicate the fundamentals needed to appreciate the corresponding exhibits.

    At the same time, they act as guideposts and, through their strong and modern presentation, focus the visitors’ attention on the subsequent exhibition space.